Top 5 Best Professional Grade Chainsaw

A basic chainsaw might work for a beginner looking to trim few branches in the weekend but may not suit those working in the forestry. If you work in the field and undertake cuttingon a regular basis, you will need to invest in a professional grade chainsaw designed to handle years of the most demanding tasks.

These chainsaws have some qualities that differentiate them from the basic ones used by beginners. Their features are different as they are made to be heavy duty and to withstand a heavierand longer use than beginner models. Moreover, most professional chainsaw models are built to be durable, efficient and safe. They offer much more power than other models and can help you make more chips speedily.

Professional grade chainsaws are an investment which incurs a heavy duty cycle. Some of the most important factors to consider when buying a new heavy-duty chainsaw include efficiency, durability andcomfort. It is essential that you consider your requirements carefully because a small rise in power can result in a heavy weightand vibration difference.

These chainsaws are particularly useful when working with a variety of cuts. The chainsaw you buy should be able to saw through wood with ease, last for years and be easy to handle. With so many options out there, deciding which model you should buy can be confusing. We have reviewed the best professional grade chainsaw options to help you make an informed decision about your next purchase.

Professional Grade Chainsaw

Top Five Best Professional Grade Chainsaw Recommendations

Echo CS-590 20" Timber Wolf Chainsaw
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1. Echo CS 590 Chainsaw Review

The Echo Timber Wolf chainsaw is a beast with a weight of 20 pounds, designed for heavy-dutyuse and considered to be one of the most powerful professional models available. This is made possible with the 59.88cc engine that works on two cycles and provides enough power to cut through any type of wood.

The unit supports five different bar and chain sizes including 16, 18, 20 and 24 inches, giving the user multiple options to choose from depending on the job they want to address or the kind of wood they want to cut.

Another important characteristic of the Echo chainsaw is its electronic starting mechanism that allows using it in various weather conditions. A decompression valve compliments this functionality by making it much easier to pull the rope.

When using this professional chainsaw, the operator can gauge the fuel level easily without having to open the tank, thanks to the translucent gas tank. This unit also has much lower vibration than similar models meaning that you won’t tire or fatigue.

Professional-grade Engine

All the power of a chainsaw comes from an engine and with a quality 59.88cc professional-grade 2-stroke engine, this model can deliver unbeatable performance, cutting through anything you throw at it.


The Echo chainsaw comes with an adjustable clutch-driven oiler that lubricates itself while saving a lot of oil in the process.

Translucent Fuel Tank

Echo has provided a translucent fuel tank on this model to help you always stay updated on how much fuel is left in the tank.

Easy Start

A decompression valve on the chainsaw makes it possible to start it easily when pull-starting. Cold-starting is also equally easy.

Easy Cleaning Filter

Accessing the air filter is so easy with the Echo Timber Wolf. You can clean it within seconds. Air pre-cleaner removes any debris to reduce maintenance of filter.

Metal Bucking Spikes

By adding bucking spikes, the chainsaw makes it easy to give you complete control when you work. These spikes prevent the bar from slipping.

This professional chainsaw is an affordable option with a lot of versatility, making it one of the best choices to consider.

2. Husqvarna 460 24” Rancher

One of the premier brand choices for chainsaw across all performance ranges, Husqvarna makes your commercial uses simple with a powerful model. The 24-inch chainsaw is gas powered and uses a 60cc 3.4 HP engine that runs in two cycles, providing the ideal power to handle a variety of demanding wood cutting jobs you may come across.

The body of this saw is designed ergonomically to allow easy handling of power. A side-mounted chain tensioner makes setting the right tension a breeze.

Some of the most appealing features of this chainsaw model include:

Air Injection

Unique centrifugal air cleaning system gets rid of the dust and debris particles before they reach the air filter. This provides reduced air filter cleaning and improved engine performance and life. Combined with Smart Start technology, the model starts easily in any weather condition.


Special technology engine delivers high power at low fuel consumption and minimized emissions to benefit user and environment.

LowVib System

Designed to reduce the vibration levels, this model reduces fatigue caused to the operator upon use.

Adjustable Oil Pump

Allows controlling the oil flow depending on the weather and application

A three-piececrankshaft is used in the design of this model to give a long-lasting, durable professional unit. Inertia-activated brakes are also provided. Overall, Husqvarna 460 24-inch chainsaw is extremely versatile and comfortable to use.

It is comparatively easy to use and gives the operator the power required to cut through branches and trees without any downtime or problem. At just 21 pounds, the chainsaw is sturdy and lightweight. With all the features one would expect from a professional chainsaw, it is easy to see why this Husqvarna is so popular in the market.

3. Remington RM5118R Review

Another best professional grade chainsaw, Remington RM5118R is a gas-powered machine that acquires its power from a 2-cycle 51cc engine which is powerful enough to supply sufficient power without producing a lot of noise. Whether you want to trim trees, cut branches or prune brushes, this model will do the job for you.

The die-castchassis is an impressive feature of this chainsaw as it improves the durability of the machine. It also features anti-vibration handles that play a vital role in ensuringthat vibration is not felt by the user. The handles are placed on the front as well as the back. Remington has designed this model to be turned on and off easily at any time and in any weather.

This particular professional chainsaw weighs 25 pounds and comes with bucking spikes which are longer than those found in similar models. It also features inertia activated brakes to provide complete control to the user during application. The chainsaw comes with a carrying case to provide convenientcarrying facility when not in use. This case makes it easy to transport the machine in a vehicle. The chainsaw is designed to be capable of handling any size of wood that you need to cut, making it ideal for heavy-duty use.

Here are some of the exciting features of this model:

Compact Design

While the chainsaw looks like other gas-powered units, it differs from them in terms of quality and sturdiness of materials. Anti-vibration handles ensure safety and convenience and save the user from fatigue. Automatic oil pump keeps the machine constantly lubricated and lets you choose to regulate it manually.

Anti-kickback System

This model features a well-designed anti-kickback system to provide safe use.

Quickstart Technology

Pull starts are easy with the latest technology which reduces efforts

18-Inch Bar and Chain

Premium quality bar and chain are capable of slicing quickly through the hardest woods.

Whatever be your cutting task at hand, you can rely on Remington RM5118R chainsaw that comes with more than sufficient features to fulfillyour professional requirements.

4. Hitachi CS51EAP Chainsaw Review

If you are looking for a commercial grade chainsaw that delivers outstanding performance along with affordable pricing, the Hitachi CS51EAP 20-inch rear handle chainsaw is the right choice.

The unique 50.1cc PureFire engine delivers a clean performance with considerably low fuel consumption as compared to other 50cc chainsaw models.

Owing to the integrated decompression valve, the chainsaw can start easily and speedily in any work condition. It also features a half throttle choke with trigger release system to make start-up and warm-up easier than ever.

You don’t need any tools to access air filters and changing the chain, bar or filter is effortless as well.

Some of the most useful features of this unit are:

Decompression Valve

This chainsaw features a decompressionvalve to facilitate easy starts and restarts. Premier Bulbs make hot restarts simple and auto-return choke improve usability as it automatically releases choke when triggeris pulled.

Bumper Spikes

The chainsaw provides better control with large bars with the special bumper spikes.

Automatic Oiler

An automatic bar/chain oiler allows adjusting the flow of oil to keep the bars and chains cool.

Anti Vibration System

Steel spring type system works pretty well at absorbing majorityof vibration resulting in less fatigue and a moreenjoyable experience.

Side Access Chain Tensioner

It offers easy chain tightening without having to remove the cover. This is specifically useful when wearing gloves as it makes adjusting the chain cleaner and quicker.

Toolless Caps

Bar, chain and fuel caps are toolless. Airfilter is also toolless and can be changed quickly in the field.

The Hitachi professional chainsaw is comfortable to operate as the anti-vibration features work greatly to reduce fatigue on arms. This powerful commercial chainsaw can handle large trees, dense logs and thick branches without any problem. It is an easyto use, powerful and simple to maintain model delivering the power you need to address the largest projects.

Hitachi backs the product with a consumer warranty of seven years, a two-year commercial as well as one-year rental warranty. Weighing around 17.5 pounds, the machine is quite lightweight but comes loaded with control and power to fulfillthe most challenging requirements. This chainsaw is one of the best picks from a professional and high-quality brand.

5. Dolmar PS-6100 Chainsaw

One of the toppicks for professional usage, Dolmar PS-6100 chainsaw is designed to do the job of felling saw and debranching saw in one machine. It runs on a heavy-duty61cc engine producing an output of 4.6HP and 13,000 RPM.

With such an outstanding power and a 20-inch guide bar, the chainsaw offers a large cutting capacity and allows toppling thick trees easily. It is a fuel efficient chainsaw model that consumes up to 20 percent less fuel than other models and offers a continuousoperation of 30 minutes per tank.

To ensure additional durability, the Dolmar PS-6100 chainsaw is designed with a handlebar and metal crankcase to withstand years of heavy use. Ideal for professional applications, this chainsaw is rugged and comes with everything you could expect at a reasonable price.

It delivers amazing speed and power while providing smooth and vibration-free performance.

It is also comfortable to handle and simple to control. It comes with some of the most impressive features you would expect to see in a premium-grade model. Some of the most powerful features of this chainsaw include:

Dual Functionality

Ideal for felling as well as debranching, the chainsaw can be easily transported to remote areas which need to be reached by foot as it handles two tasks in one machine.

Powerful Engine

The chainsaw runs on an impressive 61cc engine that produces 4.6HP output power.

Primer pump for easy starting

Memory Power Ignition technology ensures easy restarts

Functions powerfully at high torque


SAAS (Stratified Air Scavenging) technology gives up to 20 percent less fuel consumption as well as lower emissions for userand environmentbenefit.

Big fuel tank ensures up to 30 minutes of continuous operation with one tankfill

Longlife Filter System

Tool-less change and extended worklifemakes cleaning easy

Intake air-precleaning reduces dirt particles at initial stages

Touch & Stop

One lever control with predefined positions facilitate cold starting

It is possible to shut off the engine with just one touch

Centrifugal Clutch with Three Weights

Allows providing constant power to the chain

Gives durability over time with lesser wear

SafetyMatic chain brake

Lateral Chain Tensioning

Special side mounted tensioner provides easy operator access

With all-new, advanced technology redesign and exemplary performance, the Dolmar PS-6100 chainsaw is a solid investment for anybody coming across demanding conditions on a regular basis.

Final Thoughts

While there are plenty of options for professional-grade chainsaws to choose from, there are some similarities among most of them.

Since a commercial chainsaw is used for regular tasks like forestry projects, logging and tree maintenance, they should be powerful and feature longer bar length, powerful engine and sturdier construction. Such features allow them to quickly cut through thick woods with minimum hassle.

They are also designed to be comfortable to handle with better control. Design features which allow comfortable use for extended periods with safety should be available.

We hope our list of the top best professional grade chainsaw and detailed reviews help you choose the right blend of power, speed, durability andcomfort you need for all your requirements.

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