Top Rated Cordless Dewalt Drills Men Love!

Dewalt tools and all things Dewalt contain a very strong and impenetrable reputation in the market due to their amazing capabilities and infrastructures, such as tool kits, nuts and bolts, hammers, screwdrivers and Dewalt cordless drills. Dewalt tools come in both corded and cordless forms and both kinds can last equally as long.

They’re impossible to break, they contain a robust frame and they’re always preferred amongst any other brand name in tools. Dewalt tools are the only kind that you can depend on when the job gets rough and messy or it needs to be done as quickly as possible, whether it’s for personal uses or even professional ones.


What Makes Dewalt Tools So Special?

The beauty about each Dewalt tool is that it feels as if it’s made exactly for the uses of each particular customer. Regardless of their amazing durability and immense features, all their gadgets are lightweight and easy to use.

They’re designed to suit any kind of purpose or job, no matter what the level of difficulty may be or how long it’ll take you to get it done. There is a Dewalt tool for everything from hammering items to uninstalling them.

Take the Dewalt cordless drill for example. It’s made for any kind of handyman: male, female, young or old. It’s versatile, user-friendly and has a long lasting battery life that can keep at the work that needs doing. More importantly, these kinds of drills also have different settings of variable speeds.

That means that low, medium or fast drilling is specifically equipped into each cordless drill made by Dewalt so as to fit the purpose of each job. Low speeds are usually used for drilling screws. High settings for that are used to speed things up, especially when screws are long and your drilling through a deep surface.

In other situations, these kinds of drills also have different clutch settings so they can either increase of decrease the torque depending on the job they’re working on, or how well they can handle the drill.

Of course, just because a drill comes with all these kinds of different features, it does not mean that it adds weight to what it can do. In fact, the majorities of Dewalt cordless drills are less than four pounds and are extremely easy to use.

Popular Dewalt Cordless Drills

Bare-Tool DCD 760B 18-Volt Cordless Compact Drill/Driver

Let’s look at the Dewalt cordless drill known as the Bare-Tool DCD760B 1/2-Inch 18-Volt Cordless Compact Drill/Driver. Due to the lightweight design on this particular model, it is especially recommended for uses that usually experience fatigue after working on a project with a screwdriver too long.

This particular type of Dewalt drill can lessen the feel of fatigue and allow the user to complete the project without sensing any change in the weight of the tool. It has been studied and is recommended for any type of heavy-duty or everyday jobs.

It is one of Dewalt’s many first-rate durable construction and dual speed range drills that are considered a must-have for anyone willing to do the tough jobs. This brand especially even comes with an LED light that allows the user more visibility if he or she is working in confined places.

DEWALT DCD 780C2 20-Volt Drill

DEWALT DCD780C2 20-Volt Max Li-Ion Compact 1.5 Ah Drill/Contractor bag
Another type of Dewalt cordless drill that is preferred by Dewalt customers is the DEWALT DCD780C2 20-Volt Max Li-Ion Compact 1.5 Ah Drill. This drill is extra special for a lot of people that come into Dewalt looking for the perfect tool.

It’s used by construction workers, plumbers, electricians, woodworkers, residential builders, carpenters and even remodelers. This is because this particular brand of cordless drill has the highest performance available with comfort beyond that even imagined when holding onto a tool for an extended period of time.

It even comes with increased flexibility for whatever project you’re working, as well as immense speed, torque and power. Another reason why it’s so preferred is because there are electronics built into the drill that increase its battery life and still prevent it from overheating or overloading.

Due to the engineering and design thought up for this particular brand of Dewalt cordless drill, the DEWALT DCD780C2 20-Volt amazingly weighs less than four pounds and can therefore be used by anyone!

Which Dewalt Cordless Drill Should You Purchase?

Dewalt cordless drills were at first preferred to do small house work every few days. But they evolved into machines that can be used by your every day average worker and house owner for not only the simple jobs but the toughest ones you can ever imagine. The pros about using cordless drills allow you to take it anywhere and at anytime both outside and inside your home to get the job done. That means, that you don’t have to drag a cord around wherever you go.

What if there isn’t an outlet where you need to work? Even more importantly is the amount of electricity that a corded drill may need to use over a period of time, which is just as high as using your dryer or refrigerator. The con about either one of these tools is their battery life. Even though the DEWALT DCD780C2 drill has a more increased battery life as opposed to the DEWALT Bare-Tool DCD760B, the lithium batteries still need a vast amount of time to recharge.

Neither one needs as much as electricity as a corded drill would take, but the amount necessary is significantly large. If the batteries are not charged to the fullest once the job is complete, then chances are that the next time you need to use your tools, you won’t be getting the full benefit of its capabilities and will be experiencing a very slow and dragged out counterback.

Dewalt is a pioneer in all kinds of tools including Dewalt cordless drills that are made for the everyday consumer and worker. Whether the jobs are big, small or somewhere in between, cordless drills are absolutely necessary and the most preferred over simple, manual screwdrivers.

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