DEWALT DWS779 12 Sliding Compound Miter Saw


Editor's Choice Miter Saw

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Using the DEWALT DWS779 is for the most part an excellent experience, with just a couple of minor grumbles.  After taking virtually all this unit has to offer, I’ve decided that the DWS779 isn’t just an A-grade miter saw; it’s also one of DEWALT’s best creations yet.

  • Solid miter system and machined base fence support helps durability and enables precise cutting function
  • Cam lock miter handle features detent override for fast and precise miter angles
  • Accurate and durable miter saw unit that’s equipped with linear ball bearings, double horizontal steel rails, and clamping feature
  • Able to miter 60 degree to the right and 50 degree to the left

DEWALT DWS779 Miter Saw

Great for Diyers!

This unit delivers pretty much all that I look for in a compound miter saw—accurate, clean cuts with double bevel feature and idiot-proof calibration.

With tremendous flexibility when it comes to making cuts and then some, the DWS779 is the ultimate saw for the average woodworkers and DIYers.

Cutting Joy

It won’t take long for you to get your money’s worth out this unit. In terms of cutting function, there are so many things you can do with it.

Want to smoothly and cleanly slice through a few 4x10 beams at 45-degree angle? Sure can. What about a bunch of 4x4 boards? Piece of cake. 4x10’s beams? Not a problem!

What about a 6x6 then? Okay, that’s a snag right there. It can be done though you will have to cut one side first, then turn the beam over and cut the opposite side.

Adjustment for establishing cutting depth is available and it’s useful for making joints, dado cuts and the like.

You should, however, be aware that this unit isn’t so hot at creating those cuts. Expect the cuts to be a little imprecise and lacking in smoothness.

But when it comes to angled crosscuts, miter cuts, and bevel cuts, the accuracy and smoothness of the DWS779 is something to truly marvel at.

Double Bevel Brilliance

Again, let me remind you that the DWS779 is a double bevel miter saw so you can tilt it to the left and right. In order to trigger the tilting feature, you’ll need to grab a hold of the lever located in the back portion of the unit and simply pull it.

Responsive Blade Stoppage

Another plus feature which doesn’t get mentioned often is that the blade stops almost as soon you release the trigger—within a second or two.

Other miter saws would take a while longer to stop after you let go of the trigger, and I find that very annoying plus it sort of freaks me out a bit.

The Calibration Factor

And then there’s the calibration factor which is absolutely user-friendly and flexible. It’s the kind of thing that a calibration junkie will appreciate.

Don’t worry if you’re not into calibrating miter saws as right out of the box, the unit works terrific.

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DEWALT DWS779 Miter Saw

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Other Helpful Features

Some DEWALT compound miter saws do not ship with clamps, but this unit has one and it’s a pretty decent clamp.

Prior to buying this model, I read a bunch of reviews and a handful of users were complaining about the poor quality of the included clamp.

So far, I have no issues with the clamp—works well enough and you can move it from one side to the next. It’s especially useful for securing long wood pieces and serves as a good aid for obtaining accurate cuts.

Also, DEWALT has done a wonderful job of providing this unit with solid fences that are adjustable and capable of accommodating all sorts of cuts.


Now, about the “minor grumbles” I mentioned earlier. Number one, the mechanism for the horizontal slide is a bit on the rough side.

If DEWALT were to ever update this unit, they should really work on smoothing the mechanism a little bit more.

Number two, the DWS779 does not start soft—at least not the one I bought. As soon as I press the trigger, the motor kicks pretty hard. It actually gave me a good jolt when I pressed it the first time around.

Also, no laser and no XPS LED work light to eliminate guesswork out of where the blade will land on the material.

DEWALT DWS779 Rating and Review

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DEWALT DWS779 Miter Saw

The DWS779 is simply excellent for the price. The flaws are as I said minor, but I do know a guy who doesn’t fancy this machine because of the aforesaid problems (plus he mentioned a few more issues that I don’t recall).

Really folks, the disadvantages that I’ve highlighted should not keep you away from an otherwise first class compound miter saw.

There is a chance  that this one was just not what you wanted. That's ok we have plenty others to look at here in our Best Miter Saw Guide to review.

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