Evolution Rage 3 Review – Miter Saw

Evolution Power Tools RAGE3 Multipurpose Cutting Compound Sliding Miter Saw 10-Inch

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RAGE3 is an affordable miter saw with enough cutting power to slice through not only wood, but also plastics, aluminum, and even mild steel.

  • Delivers compound and bevel cuts thanks to its 0-45 degree bevel tilt
  • Able to perform compound miter cuts in various materials
  • Cuts quickly and accurately
  • Cutting depth that can be adjusted for grooving
  • Strong outer casing
  • 3-year limited warranty

Evolution Power Tools Compound Sliding Miter Saw 10-Inch

Able to Perform Compound Miter Cuts in Various Materials

Showing that an inexpensive compound sliding miter saw should not be limited to cutting only wood, the RAGE3 easy-setup model by Evolution Power Tools allows you to cut up other materials with its supplied multi-purpose blade, making it a great choice for the average DIY fanatics.

Although true that steel can be cut with the multi-purpose blade, you will experience substantially better results if you use a dedicated steel-cutting blade.

I’ll share more on this in the disadvantages section near the very end of this review. First, let’s go over a bit more concerning its ability to cut steel.

Cuts Steel and Aluminum

As mentioned, the Rage3 10" cuts mild steel and it accomplishes the job extremely well, especially if you hook it up with a steel-cutting blade.

With the 10” blade you should be able to cut through mild steel that’s no more than half an inch in thickness.

When I first bought the machine, I couldn’t wait to give it a test run. So I started with one 2x2 steel tubing that was ¼ inch thick and fed it to the saw. It took about 20-30 seconds to cut through the tubing. Nice!

Next, I tested it with an aluminum plate that had the same thickness, and it cut through smooth and easy. Wonderful!

Since then, I’ve cut up several ¼- and ½-inch thick steel tubing using this machine together with the mild steel-cutting blade which I purchased separately, and so far, there have been no issues whatsoever.

Cuts Wood and Tiles

As far as cutting wood is concerned, yes the Evolution Rage 3 sorts them out just as well too, and the default multi-purpose is more than enough for the job. I’ve cut some 4x4 lumber with it as well as 2x6 ones. Again, zero issues—only clean, nice, and smooth cuts.

This machine cuts tiles too, though you’ll obviously need a different blade for that very specific purpose. I think there’s a 10-inch diamond blade that’s compatible with this machine and that’s the blade you’ll need for cutting tiles.

Vertical Stop and the Sliding Function

As one would expect from this type of miter saw, there’s a vertical stop feature that’s adjustable through the use of a thumb screw. This will help you get the depth of cut you desire.

Another great feature of this machine is the sliding function. It does not matter whether you’re cutting steel, wood, plastics, or aluminum, this function works fine on any one of these materials.

Soft Start and Relatively Low RPM Motor

The Rage 3 Evolution has a motor that delivers a no-load speed of just 2500 RPM—not that high compared to other miter saws at this price bracket.

However, the low RPM is deliberate so that the machine can cut all those different materials—particularly mild steel—without succumbing to overheating.

In other words, the low RPM plays a crucial role in preserving the lifespan of the motor.

In addition to the low RPM, the motor starts soft. So when you pull the trigger, it doesn’t run right off the bat. Instead, there’s a brief delay, then the motor gradually runs, and finally, it goes full steam.

This feature also aids in conserving the life of the motor, but some users are not quite happy with it.

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Top Rated Choice

Evolution Power Tools RAGE3 Miter Saw

The RAGE3 review shows that this is an affordable miter saw with enough cutting power to slice through not only wood, but also plastics, aluminum, and even mild steel

Disadvantages of the Evolution Rage 3

I only have a couple of complaints here. The first is that the included multi-purpose blade isn’t up to mark when it comes to cutting mild steel. You get cuts that are unpleasantly rough and quite off the line.

If you plan on cutting a shedload of steel with the RAGE3 by Evolution, then you ought to do yourself a favor and invest in a dedicated mild steel-cutting blade.

The second is the included laser which I can’t seem to properly calibrate. The accuracy is just way off and after fiddling with it for some time; I’ve decided that the laser is really nothing more than a pointless add-on.

Evolution Power Tools RAGE3 Rating and Review

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Evolution RAGE3 Miter Saw

This is a solid machine worth buying. Great cutting accuracy coupled with the ability to cut materials other than wood and durable construction, makes this an excellent saw for the average person who enjoys doing home improvement, DIY, and woodworking projects.

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