hitachi c12rsh2 review GreatSliding Compound Miter Saw

Hitachi C12RSH2 Sliding Compound Miter Saw Review

In this Hitachi C12RSH2 review we will talk about this dual bevel sliding compound miter saw. It is a model packed with all the features you could ever want in a heavy duty miter saw of this size. Equipped with a fifteen amp belt driven motor and an innovative sliding system, you’ll find that not only is this saw powerful, but it’s also incredibly accurate and easy to use. The added safety features also make it a great buy for beginner DIYers.

Hitachi’s extensive line of miter saws has been creating a buzz over the past few years. This is mainly due to their innovative designs, extra safety features, and easy handling. Most of their saws are very intuitive, durable, and precise, so we were eager to see how this model stood up to Hitachi miter saws of the past. So, let’s get on with the Hitachi C12rsh2 Review and look at what we really liked about it and if you should buy it.

Dual Bevel Miter Saw Rundown and Features

The manufacturer offers a new take on the traditional sliding miter saw. Their rail system features two different stages of movement. This type of design works to eliminate the need for rear clearance, which is a huge plus if you have plenty of work inside the house to tackle.

Laser Guide Included

The saw also features an adjustable laser guide. Laser guides are often found on newer models of miter saws, however, some users feel that a laser guide isn’t always accurate, while others swear by them. But the laser guide found on this Hitachi saw can be easily adjusted just by turning a knob, allowing you to use the laser on either side of the blade. Using the laser guide will allow you to effortlessly dial in some uncommon angles.

Bevel Cuts Are Easy

Do you normally have trouble with bevel cuts? Cutting crown molding has been made much easier with a saw that can bevel forty-five degrees in either direction. You’ll find a handy knob located in the back of the saw that can be used to fine-tune the angle.

Lots of Stops

Another big feature is the number of positive stops this saw offers. This feature is not only a major time saver, but it’s also an extremely helpful feature for newbies.

The saw comes with a twelve-inch blade and is equipped with fifteen amps of power. The included blade cuts well, but it’s definitely not a finish level blade.

What Does It Weight ?

It weighs in at just under seventy pounds, making it slightly lighter than the average miter which weighs around eighty to eighty-five pounds.

Setting the miter angle is pretty easy, simply loosen the front knob and pull the trigger.

The Sliding System

The saw’s sliding system does a great job of preventing the saw from moving out of place while you’re cutting. However, we would’ve liked to have seen more positive stops other than just the one at zero degrees. A couple of positive stops would really come in handy when you’re working with crown molding.

The saw’s wide crosscut capacity will enable to you make square cuts through thicker material with no problem.

Hitachi Sliding Compound Miter Saw Pros and Cons

Hitachi C12RSH2 Sliding Compound Miter Saw

Here is the good and gotchas for the hitachi c12rsh2 review.

Pros: When you take into consideration the actual diameter of the blade on a compound miter, you’ll soon realize that it’s only able to cut through material less than half the diameter. A miter that features a sliding head works to solve this issue, allowing you to use the entire saw head to move forward to cut through double the board thickness in just a single pass with little to no rear clearance needed.

If you often work with sixteen-inch boards in your shop or on the job, then this compound miter should be at the top of your list. The saw’s slider is able to effectively work as a radial arm saw when you need to slice through larger boards. Essentially, the compact slide system doubles the ninety-degree crosscut capabilities, providing you with the ability to cut through a wide range of material in a single pass.

The saw’s micro knobs allow you to dial in the exact angle you want for the most precise cut possible. The positive stops enable the blade to easily rest at the right angle for pro looking cuts.  If you need to make an opposing cut, you can tilt the saw head or just flip the board.

Additionally, this saw also comes with a five-year limited warranty, which gives consumers confidence in this type of major purchase.

Cons: If you’re not familiar with using a miter saw, then you’ll definitely need to read the instruction manual from cover to cover before you use it. Unfortunately, the manual that comes with this Hitachi saw is vague at best. Fortunately, many consumers reported that the Hitachi customer service team is fast to respond and helpful in terms of assisting with troubleshooting issues or questions about this model. Additionally, you can also find helpful information online on forums or message boards.

Weighing just under seventy pounds means that this saw isn’t exactly travel-friendly, however, what it lacks in portability it makes up for in performance.

If this Hitachi miter saw simply isn’t for you, and you’re searching for a workhorse you can use both in the home and on the job site, we recommend the Bosch GCM12SD glide miter saw, which is offered at a comparable price, but has more to offer in terms of versatility and power.

Hitachi C12RSH2 Review Conclusion

The Hitachi dual bevel sliding compound miter saw is one heavy machine, and if you don’t need a miter saw that’s portable, then this model can be a great addition to your workshop. The saw is capable of handling a wider variety of materials compared to the average miter saw and it can do so in a smaller space than most.

This model comes with some impressive features that will make your workload a little lighter while increasing your ability to make those accurate cuts each and every time. Consumers who purchased this miter saw gave it a high rating of four and a half out of five stars due to its many safety features, ease of use, and overall versatility. Thank you for reading our hitachi c12rsh2 review.