Top 3 Best Echo Chainsaw Reviews

Top 3 Best Echo Chainsaw Reviews

Known and reputed for professional cutting and reliable performance, Echo chainsaws are used for professional tree felling jobs and different types of yard maintenance, owing to their outstanding cutting capabilities and durability.

The Echo brand is owned by Yamabiko Corporation based in Ome, Japan which has been around since 1947. A premium brand offering in the chainsaw market, Echo makes chainsaws capable of handling the toughest jobs.

Echo chainsaw products are built using professional-grade components to deliver you maximum value from the investment. They offer easy starting, smooth-running chainsaws that provide years of dependable function.

Most chainsaw models from Echo share similar features which are standard across the brand. Some of these features include Echo’s unique starting system and automatic oiling.

Here, in this article, we review the top three best chainsaws from Echo to help you narrow down your chainsaw options and make it easy for you to pick the best unit matching your requirements.

Echo Chainsaw

Top 3 Best Echo Chainsaw Reviews

Chain Saw, Gas, 14 In. Bar, 30.5CC
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1. Echo CS-310 Chainsaw Review

The Echo CS-310 chainsaw is an excellent tool with 14-inchbar and runs on the 32.6ccengine. It delivers a smooth and stable performance to handle light to medium duty jobs like trimming, pruning and clearing brush. It features a thoughtfully designed handle that gives safe and comfortable use.


Easy to start – Echo CS-310 uses an i30 starting system to facilitate quick ignition. It usually starts with just one attempt of cord pulling.

Air Pre-Cleaner – G-Force Engine air pre-cleaner helps increase the shelf life of the chainsaw by making sure that bits of debris never reach the air filter.

Chain Tensioner Position – The chain tensioner is positioned at the side of the chainsaw to be easy to reach and it makes adjusting the chain easy while reducing the wear and tear.

  • Lightweight at just 8lbs
  • Great balance gives a lot of control
  • Reliable starter
  • Commercial grade unit ideal for home use
  • Cuts through thick branches with ease
  • Not good for heavy duty tasks

The Echo CS-310 is a well-designed, lightweight model ideal for everyday use. It is quite powerful to handle pruning tasks though it doesn’t suit heavy duty applications. But if you want a fast and reliable performer to use around your yard, Echo CS-310 is a great choice.

2. Echo CS-400 Chainsaw

One of the mid-range models from Echo, the CS-400 is lighter and less powerful with a weight of 10 pounds and running on a 40.2cc engine. It is easy to start and features an ergonomic design. Users can work longer without getting tired. This chainsaw is available in 16-inch and 18-inch bar length options.


Vortex Engine – The 2-stroke 40.2cc provides the chainsaw enough power to handle tough jobs. The side-access tensioner facilitates effortless adjustments.

Automatic Adjustable Oiler – The chainsaw takes care of lubricating itself due to automatic oiler that keeps the chain greased all the time. The oiler increases the chainsaw’s shelf life and allows cutting smoothly.

Air Pre-Cleaner – It features a heavy-duty air pre-cleaner that adds to the lifespan of the chainsaw. The user-friendly air filter removes all dust and debris facilitating quick cleaning and low maintenance.


  • Easy to start owing to i-30system
  • Lightweight at just 10lbs
  • Includes engine oil
  • Comes in complete assembly
  • Ergonomic design
  • Requires getting the right mix of fuels
  • Less powerful

The Echo CS-400 is ideafor common pruning tasks which most homeowners encounter. It is powerful enough to cut yet lightweight and compact to be easy to use and carry.

3. Echo CS-590 Review

The most powerful and our top pick for professional and commercial users, Echo CS-590 chainsaw comes equipped with the most powerful engine to serve heavy-duty cutting. It runs on a professional-grade 59.8cc 2-stroke engine that cuts through almost anything that you throw at it. The chainsaw comes in 18-inch and 20-inch bar length options to choose from. With a 20-inch bar, you can easily accomplish large cutting jobs and the saw cuts through wood quickly.


Professional Grade Engine – The superior 59.8cc 2-stroke engine delivers an unbeatable performance and powers the chainsaw to be able to cut through anything.

Minimized Waste of Oil – Adjustable clutch-driven oiler self-lubricates the chainsaw saving you some oil in the process.

Translucent Fuel Tank – With a translucent fuel tank, the chainsaw makes it easy for you to keep an eye on the level and stay away from running out of fuel.

Easy to Start – Decompression valve on the chainsaw makes it easy to pull the cord and start the engine. Cold starting is also equally simple.

Easy Cleaning Filter – Accessing the filter is really easy and once you get inside, you can clean it quickly. The air pre-cleaner blows any debris and reduces the number of times you need to perform maintenance.

Metal Bucking Spikes – The chainsaw gives enhanced control over cutting with metal bucking spikes that stop the bar from slipping.

Note: This was featured in our Top Rated Professional Chainsaw Reviews.

  • Easy to start
  • Features coveted Handyman seal of approval
  • Does not overheat easily
  • Translucent gas tank to see fuellevel
  • Adjustable auto chain oiling
  • Easily accessible toolless air and pre-air filter
  • Chain brake to stop rotation in case of kickback
  • Excellent vibration control
  • Somewhat expensive but delivers value
  • Few starting complaints reported

Light and easy to use, the Echo CS-590 chainsaw is a great buy for those with bigger properties. It is easy to start, comes with greatdistribution of weight and provides a lot of power. It is a chainsaw that works well for larger jobs. With all the extras making it safe and comfortable to use, the affordable chainsaw is the best choice.

Final Thoughts Before You Buy An Echo Chain Saw

Echo chainsaws are highly sought-after due to the quality they offer. The brand makes high-qualitycomponents and parts are easily available. The 5-year warranty from the manufacturer makes a great package. CS-310 is a great choice for a home ownerwhile CS-400 is a reliable chainsaw with excellent features.

We recommend CS-590 for professional farmers, homeowners andranchers with larger jobs. We hope this guide helps you choose the best Echo chainsaw models. Do not forget to share your experiences with us.

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